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1 + 2 FREE Menstrual Underwear

1 + 2 FREE Menstrual Underwear

1 + 2 FREE Menstrual Underwear

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Waist (cm)
Length (cm)
S 56 24
M 64
L 72 32
XL 76 34

Be prepared 

Our menstrual underwear replaces pantyliners and all other irritating and dangerous products. With the menstrual underwear you are protected against leakage, odor and moisture for 12 hours.


Natural and ecological: Made from ultra-absorbent natural cotton. Our panties are environmentally friendly and contain no harmful chemicals.

Comfortable and protectiveThe menstrual underwear is not visible through your clothes like regular panties.

Large capacity: Suitable for both small and large showers.It consists of 3 insulating layers that allow you to stay clean all day or night.

Reusable: You can reuse the underwear perfectly by washing it in the washing machine at 30 ° C.

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