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Flexibility Belt

Flexibility Belt

Flexibility Belt

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Be flexible again!

A unique stretching aid that helps treat plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, calf, thigh, hip and lower back complaints and more. The original design reduces pressure on the heel and stretches your leg muscles. It is ideal for people with limited flexibility or freedom of movement. Made from a comfortable poly-laminate and cotton.

Why do I need this?

The stretch band is great for anyone looking to improve their flexibility. People who have recently had surgery or injuries may also benefit from using this product.

The support band is made of high quality durable nylon with several sturdy loops so that you can stretch to different lengths. Very effective for athletes, dancers or physiotherapy.

The importance of stretching

You may think stretching is something only runners or gymnasts perform, but we all need to stretch to protect our mobility and independence. "A lot of people don't understand the need for regular stretching. It needs to be done daily," said David Nolan, a physical therapist at Harvard General Hospital.

Quality: The belt is made of premium polyester and cotton with sufficient stretch. The sturdy tire has a durable construction and can withstand intensive use.

Avoid Injury: When you stretch, you stretch your muscles around the joints, which helps to increase range of motion and, in turn, helps prevent injury.

Multiple Possibilities: There are 6 loops to suit your different training needs. Suitable for yoga, ballet, pilates, workout, athletic teams, relaxation and flexibility training.

While sitting to stretch the foot or calf

While sitting on the chair, pull the band towards you to stretch the bottom of the foot. This stretch is often prescribed to people suffering from plantar fasciitis. The position can also be used to extend the calf by fully extending the leg.

Standing or lying down to train the quadriceps

When standing, it is recommended that you use a chair or other static object to maintain balance. To stretch the quadriceps, use your free hand and arm to pull the band up, moving your heel up and toward your chair. This will stretch the quads.

Stretch your hip, hamstring and glutes

Use the supine strap to guide your foot across the body in a controlled motion to stretch the hip and gluteal muscles. Pulling the band towards you in this position can also stretch the hamstrings.

3 Ways

The flexibility belt can be used in three unique ways to allow for different stretching positions. Choose from the three options to target individual muscle groups.

Option 1: This is the most commonly used placement option for stretching the arch or calf. 1. Place the heel in the opening of the fabric. 2. Fasten the strap around the ankle. 3. Grab one of the loops stitched into the band to check the stretch.

Option 2: This configuration is used to stretch the quadriceps. 1. Place the foot in the opening of the strap. 2. Fasten the strap around the ankle. 3. Grab one of the loops stitched into the band to stretch the stretch.

Option 3: This placement is ideal for racks where calf stretching is not desired. 1. Place the heel at the opening of the fabric. 2. Fasten the strap around the ankle. 3. Grab one of the loops stitched into the band to check the stretch.

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  • Materiaal: Polyester & katoen
  • Lengte: 114cm
  • Voetpad: 24x13.5cm
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