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Lamp with Security Camera

Lamp with Security Camera

Lamp with Security Camera

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Be prepared

Would you like to keep an eye on your house, holiday home or company unnoticed? The hidden camera in the shape of a lamp is perfect for keeping your belongings safe and having footage should something ever be stolen.

Arrange everything with the app

The lighting of the lamp can be switched on and off via the app. The lamp fits in any normal fitting. To activate the camera, simply download the app the app (iCSee) connect the lamp via Wi-Fi. You have set up the camera within 2 minutes. Do you hang the camera in the middle of your living room? Then your entire living room is visible thanks to the 360 ° image!

The app is supported by Android and iOS. You also get a manual to set everything up correctly.

Be warned

You have the choice to receive a notification when the camera detects motion. Should this ever happen, you can immediately open the app and follow who is in your home. You can view the saved images later via the app.

Different image shapes

Dim the lamp with the app

You can adjust the strength of the light via the app. Of course, your normal light switch will continue to work, but do not switch it off if you want the camera to be active.


  • Sensor: 130W / 200W high-performing sensor
  • Lens: fisheye lens
  • Audio: Built-in microphone
  • Storage interface TF card slot: maximum 128GB
  • Image size: 1280 x 960
  • FPS: 960P 6fps
  • Network connection with Wi-Fi
  • Motion detection
  • Alarm push notifications
  • App: iCSee
  • Dimension 80mm x 137.8mm

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