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Face Steamer

Face Steamer

Face Steamer

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Take care of yourself

Healthy skin not only makes you look younger, it also makes you feel better. Taking good care of yourself is important. Our facial steamer takes care of your skin by blowing warm steam over your face. It makes your skin younger and gives you a wonderful feeling.

Get rid of acne

Unfortunately acne is not easy to solve, but the facial steamer can help you. The warm steam expels sebum (greasy protective substance) from the skin with deep hydration. It removes dead skin and other debris from deep within your pores. Use it a few times a week and you will notice the difference within a few weeks.

Get healthy skin

The steam opens your pores and expels impurities. This ensures that your skin gets a healthy glow. You also moisten your eyes with it, making them feel less tired. It helps reduce puffiness. With clean skin you also get less wrinkles and it can even reduce existing wrinkles.

Improved model

In this version of the steamer, the steam power has been strengthened so that it cleans your skin faster. You still need water to create the steam. In short, with this version you will get beautiful and healthy skin faster. Do you also want a younger skin? Order your facial steamer now!

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