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Car Seat Storage and Charging Box

Car Seat Storage and Charging Box

Car Seat Storage and Charging Box

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Suffered from this mess?

We too, But no more, We have the solution for you.

2 in 1, Spacious so you can arrange your stuff, phones, notes, cards or anything. Plus charge multiple phones.

OrganizedPull the charging cables when you need, And return them easily so they don't cause mess.

With Long USB cables to charge your phones across the car,

And extra USB ports so you can charge up to 5 phones.

Universal, Works fine with left and right seats.

Practical, It won't fall if you adjust your seat.

Easy to install, Simply attach it to the slit next to your car seat, Plug the cigarette lighter power cord.

Well, As a hack, It will save you from losing stuff through the seat slit :)

Product Specifications:

  1. Color: Black
  2. Material: ABS
  3. Size: 270x157x68mm -10.63x6.18x2.67in.
  4. Cables Length: 800cm - 315in.

Package Included

  1. 1 x Storage Armrest Box.
  2. Embedded Cigarette Lighter Power Cord.

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